Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Organization

Like many other teachers, I am spending time this summer to organize my thoughts and my resources, and spend time upon reflecting what worked well in the classroom, and oh yeah, what did not! I want to record more anecdotal notes next year for assessment purposes. So, my first order of business this week is to organize and create tools for this very purpose. I have seen clipboards before for assessing students, and most recently noticed one in Debbie Diller's book Math Work Stations. I am love, love, loving her book!! Here are pictures of the clipboards with 5 X 8 cards I made for each student for reading and for math. I decided to go with the biggest size cards I could fit on the clipboard so that I will not have to change them out as often. Anything to save time! I made a cover to put over the notes so that anyone else in the classroom will not be able to see any confidential information. Also, I decided to number them as well for two reasons. 1) We do not get our class lists until a few days before school starts and I wanted to have the cards "good to go." 2) If a card is left flipped up for a moment and someone else (volunteer, etc.) sees it, it will not identify a student by name.

Reading Assessment

Math Assessment

Super Cute File Box

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